2018 is an important year for Filmmakers Alliance. It is our 25th Anniversary and it will be nothing short of a year-long celebration. We intend our sponsors to benefit immensely from the additional activity including:


  • Promotional benefits for FILMMAKING NOW (Independent Film Master Class), Quick Cuts Competition, VisionFest and SHOOTOUT and Addditoinal Events; including:
    • Titled sponsorship listings (Presenting or Premier)
    • Presentation of video material
    • Signage
    • Event development and participation (where appropriate)
    • Opportunity for Sponsor rep to speak at event (when appropriate)
    • Opportunity for a booth or table at event (when appropriate)
    • Access to event attendees email list.
    • Access to professional photography/video of events.
  • Promotional benefits for all additional Filmmakers Alliance public events; including:
    • Sponsor listing in all event info (website, social media page, flyers, etc.)
    • Sponsor listing in all event outreach and promotion (emails, social media, etc.)
    • Sponsor listing on all partner outreach: jpegs and pdfs disseminated by promotional partners
  • Inclusion on Filmmakers Alliance resource page.
  • Minimum of 1 (one) sponsor event to be promoted through Filmmakers Alliance.
  • Complimentary memberships (as requested) in Filmmakers Alliance to be used at Partner’s discretion.
  • 2 dedicated email blasts.
  • 4 shared email blasts to FA mail lists, groups and other social networks.
  • Listing in all FA email newsletters.
  • Minimum one featured article in FA email newsletter.
  • Scholarships and complimentary admittance to VisionFest, Independent Film Master Class and other paid FA events to be used at Partner’s discretion.
  • Web banner on Filmmakers Alliance website main page for full year in rotation with other Partner banners.
  • Dedicated page on FA website.
  • Video ad/promotion placed strategically on FA website.

We look forward to you being a part of the Filmmakers Alliance community!

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