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Filmmakers Alliance is proud to announce ELEVATE! - a new program to lift filmmaking projects up to the next level. An FA committee will select 5 feature film projects (scripted, doc, animation or any combination thereof) and 5 short films per year to provide next-level support in getting those films made...and seen. Support will come in any and all forms that FA can cull from its productive 25 years of existence and may include introductions, referrals, mentorships, fundraising, resource acquisition, discounts, casting, crewing, location support, fiscal sponsorship, insurance packages, post supervision, film festival consultation/strategy, social media/marketing/distribution support and more.

If you would like your project considered for our ELEVATE! program, please note that there are two submission periods per year. The deadline for the first submission period is the last Friday in March and the deadline for the second submission period is the last Friday in September. However, for this first round of submissions, the deadline is Midnight, June, 29th 2018.

Please submit the following items prior to the deadline to elevate@filmmakersalliance.org and please put ELEVATE! Submission in the subject line.

  • A brief bio (one paragraph to one page MAXIMUM).
  • A copy of your script
  • An outline of the project (5 pages maximum) including the following:
    • A brief synopsis.
    • A breakdown of principal cast and crew already COMMITTED.
    • Any other relevant information regarding your project.
  • A link to previous work (Vimeo, Youtube or Dropbox/WeTransfer/Etc.)
  • One letter of reference from a notable filmmaker or industry professional. (Note: Not necessary if you are invited to submit by a Filmmakers Alliance staff member.
  • OPTIONAL: Budget and Schedule in PDF format (if available) or projected total cost and target shooting dates.


NOTE: Submission is free, however YOU MUST BE A current FA MEMBER TO SUBMIT