VisionFest is Filmmakers Alliance annual screening and celebration bringing together the best of LA’s independent film community and regularly attended by overflowing audiences and press.

Next is the presentation of the VISION AWARD to an established filmmaker whose artistic ambition and consistent filmmaking excellence provides artistic inspiration to emerging filmmakers all around the world.  Past recipients include MIke Figgis, Terry Gilliam, Wim Wenders, Allison Anders, Alexander Payne, David O. Russell, Werner Herzog, Mark and Michael Polish, Kevin Smith, Ted Hope, Nicolas Winding Refn and Christine Vachon.

This year’s Vision Award recipient is Korean filmmaker Kim Jee-woon.

If you don’t know him then you certainly will very soon courtesy of Hollywood (Kim Jee-woon is currently working on his first English-language project with Arnold Schwarzenegger called “Last Stand”); you may know him from “A Tale of Two Sisters,” which Terrence Rafferty of The New York Times calls “one of the best, and most heartbreaking , weird-girl horror movies ever made.” Rafferty also states that it “is so cunningly constructed-it’s as tricky, in its way, as Alain Resnais’ ‘Last Year at Marienbad.’”

Although Kim Jee-woon’s cinema does include the shocking and horrifying, his list of credits also includes comedy, noir and even the western. “I want to work with a wide range of genres because it gives each film a different cinematic energy,” Kim states.

Jee-woon’s eclectic oeuvre never fails to thrill and enthrall. His is an unfailingly distinctive vision that expresses itself in every frame of every genre he’s tackled...or mixed genre he’s created. FA is honored to be a part of his introduction to mainstream American audiences.

The presentation of awards will be followed by a program of some of the best short films produced in the previous year. This year, we opened up submissions to filmmakers nationally. Ironically, the theme that emerged from the films selected is:


Each film, directly and indirectly paints a small portrait of daily life in Los Angeles. See if you recognize your own story among them.

We are pleased to announce the following films:


Future Days (10:00) Directed by Clay Zimmerman

Mayfly (24:25) Directed by Aimee Graham

The Gaskettes (14:00) Directed by Jason House

Another Bullet Dodged (13:11) Directed by Landon Zakheim


Also, the program will be preceded by a special music video presentation:

A House A Home (07:00) directed by Daniel Fickle.

Total program length: 69 mins.

The evening finishes with a high-energy party in the courtyard of the Egyptian Theater.



Inside This World of Mine

Directed by Sean Morris  

The Wanderer

Directed by Aaron Garcia

The Director

Directed by Destri Martino

Debutante Hunters

Directed by Maria White

White Knuckles

3D Director Eric Kurland


Directed bby Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck

All Is Not Lost 

3D Director Eric Kurland

The Legend of Beaver Dam

Directed by Jerome Sable, Produced by Michael Blaha


Wait For Me 

Directed by Dylan O'Brien and Holly Murdoch O'Brien

Native Time 

Directed by Sean Morris

Beyond Silence 

Directed by Vidyut Latay

Gonah Kardam 

Direcrted by Gabriela Tollman

Aliens Vs. Predator 

Directed by Stephen Reedy and Produced by Megan Powers

David and Goliath (Winner, Los Angeles Short Film Grant)

Directed by George Zaver


Directed by Marc Levy and Produced by Amanda Sweikow


Oil Change

Directed by Todd Luoto

Resonance (Winner, Los Angeles Short Film Grant)

Directed by Robert Beaucage

No Art On $2.00 A Day

Directed by Laurent Malaquais

You're Only What I See Sometimes

Directed by Donal Foreman

THE Cycle

Directed by Amanda Sweikow

My Last Day On Earth

Directed by Jacques Thelemaque


Too Loud A Solitude

Directed by Genevieve Anderson


Directed by David Woods

Putting A Cigarette Out With Your Feet

Directed by Carlo Pangalangan

A Nice Day For An Earthquake

Directed by Antony Berrios


Directed by Donal Foreman


Directed by Brad Jones


Directed by Beth Dewey

Melancholy Baby (Winner, Los Angeles Short Film Grant)

Directed by Sean Hood



Directed by Paul Gutrecht


All The Fish In The Sea

Directed by Charlie Chu


The Bear and The Geisha

Directed by Lisa Temple


Far Sighted (Winner, Los Angeles Short Film Grant)

Directed by Elyse Couvillion



Directed by Will Braden


Crossing The Line

Directed by Marty Elcan


Plus or Minus:  A Few Things I Thought I Should Consider

Directed by Amanda Sweikow



Dirty Mary

Directed by Stuart Rogers


Shut Me Up

Directed by Brad Jones


The Interview

Directed by Lisa Moncure


The Guitar Players Girlfriend (Winner, Los Angeles Short Film Grant)

Directed by Janet Harvey


American Infant

Directed by Eric Kurland


Each Finger Has an Attitude

Directed by Lisa Crook


Son Up       

Directed by Andrew Shearer




Directed by Claudia Leger


Photosynthesis (Winner, Los Angeles Short Film Grant)                                                    

Directed by Paul Gyuro


Free Lunch                                                  

Directed by Chase Gordon


You Turned Back and Held My Hand                      

Directed by Gabriela Tollman


Help me, Oprah                                                           

Directed by David Jackson Willis


Second Thoughts                                               

Directed by David Woods


Dunes of Destiny                                              

Directed by Curt Stewart



Directed by  Jacques Thelemaque


Broadcast 23                                            

Directed by Tom Putnam




Tackle Box                      

Directed by Matthew Mebane


The Act                                   

Directed by Pi Ware & Susan Kraker


Other People       

Directed by Antony Berrios


The Wedge                   

Directed by Curt Stewart


Birth of Industry (Winner, Los Angeles Short Film Grant)          

Directed by Gabriela Tollman 


Directed by Karen Lin


Six and the City                      

Directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper


Tel Aviv                                 

Directed by Richard Goldgewicht




Directed by David Knell


The Ends Of The Alphabet           

Directed by Eric Kurland


A Single Rose    

Directed by Hanelle Culpepper



Directed by Veronica DiPippo and produced by Marc Aramian


Directed by Sean Hood


Infidelity In Equal Parts          

Directed by Jacques Thelemaque


Living In Walter's World          

Directed by Phil Kaufmann


The Vest (Winner, Los Angeles Short Film Grant)       

Directed by Paul Gutrecht 



High Expectations           

Directed by Jeanne Robinson and Vincent Spano


Ray and Jake          

Directed by Frankie Como


Lost Dog

Directed by Deborah Lemen and Sandra Nelson Winkler


Pablo Ferro - Untitled          

Directed by Cain DeVore and Richard Goldgewicht



Directed by Matt Nix and Alfredo Barrios, Jr.



Directed by Antony Berrios


True Love          

Directed by David Jackson Willis


Tony & Bobby         

Directed by Vincent Spano           




Kick It Around (Digidance 2002 Promo)

Directed By Gregory Lemkin


The Abduction (Commercial)

Directed By Sandy Collora and produced by Dave Fennoy


Love For Love

Directed By Bruce Coughran



Directed By Diane Gaidry


The Priests

Directed By James Napoli and produced by Mindi White

What We Have

Directed By Paul Gutrecht


The Last Gunshot

Directed By Gabriela Tollman


The Disappearing Girl Trick

Directed By David Jackson Willis           


Is It Time To Swap?

Directed By Jerry Rapp and Daedulus Howell



Greenlight Yourself - FA prom            

Directed by Jeff Orgill


Blue Miss Sunday         

Directed by Jeff Orgill



Directed by Jacques Thelelmaque



Directed by Elyse Couvillion


Solomon Bernstein's Bathroom       

Directed by Sandy Collora and produced by Dave Fennoy


Me and The Big Guy        

Directed by Matt Nix


Greetings From The Shore        

Directed by Jesica Bornemann


Fever Pitch                      

Directed by Willard Morgan



Blue Rondo

Directed by Richard Goldgewicht



Directed by Elyse Couvillion


The Remote

Directed by Frank Chindamo


Across The Bridge

Directed by Sam Boyer


Hide and Seek

Directed by Shawn Tolleson



Directed by Jeff Orgill


That Marino Thing

Directed by Frankie Como



Produced by Wendy DeRycke


The Ceremony

Directed by Kerry Hainey and produced By Rajia Baroudi

Love, Life and Laundry

Directed by Stacie Isabella Turk



Love Without Socks

Directed by Jacques Thelemaque


My Beautiful Me

Directed by Pi Ware


Shiva’s Teardrop

Directed by Sean Hood


Mitzi and Joe

Directed by Cain DeVore


VisionFest 09 Award Presenter Alan Ball ("American Beauty" "Six Feet Under" "True Blood" "Towelhead") and 09 Vision Award recipient Ted Hope.

Tuesday, Oct. 30th

7:30 p.m.

The Egyptian Theater

6712 Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood, CA  90028

(parking instructions below)

Event Producer: Yolonda Brinkley