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This month’s Filmmakers Alliance competition is all about The American Film Market.

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Filmmakers Alliance’s new website is launching in September 2014. But don’t wait. There’s plenty of good stuff available to filmmakers right now! Join now for just $19.99 a year or $200 for a LIFETIME membership. Or sign up ten filmmakers and receive a complimentary LIFETIME membership.

Not only will you get all the advantages of membership, you'll be eligible to win one of the following perks through our monthly competitions*:

  1. -A free trip to the Sundance Film Festival 2015.

  1. -A free No-Buget Film School Seminar and One-Hour follow-up consultation with producer and No     Budget Film School founder Mark Stolaroff.

  1. -A free, one-year subscription package of key cloud-based filmmaking tools. That includes IMDbProSection101CeltxRemark and more.

  1. -A free test screening for your film and One-Hour follow-up distribution consultation with World Wide Motion Picture Group's George Zaver!

*Upon launch of site, regular competitions will be held for each perk . One perk per member per year.

Filmmakers Alliance: Connect. Get Stuff. Make Films.


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